Anyone who knows me knows one thing about  me. I'm an expert at absolutely nothing, and Christmas decorations are no exception.

Having said that, I still have my opinions on Christmas decorations, especially since we have launched Light Up The Jersey Shore. So, I decided to give you my personal guide to Christmas decorations.

Let's start by saying I love all Christmas decorations. I love Christmas, so anything that even resembles Christmas is ok with me. And all the effort everyone puts into their home decorations is awesome.

Having said that, I do have my personal preferences. Let's start with the most 'controversial'. Most decorators wrinkle their nose at the word 'inflatables', and I think they need to stop.

There is no more magical time for kids than Christmas season, and if they get to see 8 foot versions of their favorite characters on someone's lawn, I say blow those inflatables up and worry more about the kids than the experts.

And since my 4 year old grandson loves them, you can bet I'm 100% about inflatables. End of discussion for me. By the way, apologies to my neighbors for that big Spiderman peering into your living room!

How about the lights. Pretty simple to me. If your going for fun, with characters and snowmen and Santas, then go multi-color, and let them blink, too. It's a celebration! If you're going subtle, go all white lights and no blinking please.

Of course, a lot of it depends on the type of house you have. But ultimately, here's the deal. Nobody has to agree with your choice of decorations, so if you and the family (especcially the kids) like it, then you did it right!

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