Let me start by saying that I'm usually a 'one holiday at a time' kind of guy. But this year everything is different, so, so am I. In my mind, you can start Christmas as early as you want this year.

Maybe you're already ahead of me and you've already decorated, or at least started to. My normal reaction would be to tell you to slow down and enjoy one holiday at a time. Not this year. 2020 Lou tells you to deck those halls right now!

First of all, the holiday season goes by way too fast in a normal year, and in case you haven't noticed, this ain't no ordinary year. So let's get to things that make us the things that make us the happiest as fast as we can get there.

Things That Normally Bug Us But Shouldn't This Year.

Early Christmas ads. We all know how horribly difficult 2020 has been on our favorite local retailers. We've all been trying our best to support them through this, but Christmas season could be make or break for them. Embrace the ads, as early as they come, and respond by doing your Christmas business at a terrific local business!

Early Christmas decorations. Usually we roll our eyes when we see inflatable Santa on the neighbor's lawn before we've even purchased a Thanksgiving turkey, But this year, I think we need to cut each other a little slack. When you see the 28 foot blow up Grinch in your neighborhood, smile a little. We all need it, and behind that big green inflatable is probably a kid who just loves it!

Early Christmas shopping. One thing we know about 2020 is that we never know what's around the next corner. So if you have the time and money, and you want to dive into the Christmas shopping world, you go right ahead. No one will judge you for it. And if it makes you feel a little better, why not?

In my mind, these words have never been more true...

"We need a little Christmas right this very minute".

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