LOL OK, it has come to my attention that my co- host Mr. Lou Russo was upset with my parking skills in the company lot.  You can see the "crime" here. I have to tell you I don't think I did anything that bad!  I mean I did park ON the line but I'm not over it!  At least I wasn't over it until today...

Here is some inside scoop.  Lou is very superstitious.

Superstitious Lou Photo credit: Shannon Holly

He walks into the station the same way every morning even though the closer of the two doors is always accessible to him. Why?  Because of his first day working here he entered the other door. A creature of habit? Oh yeah. Well apparently it goes further than even that...Lou has a parking spot superstition as well.

That space Lou parks in everyday is the same spot he parked in the first day he worked here. Oh now I get it...I was encroaching on his space, literally...HIS parking space!  I've got a touch of OCD so I can understand the superstitions someone might develop...really those two things are cousins. That does not mean I did not take the golden opportunity to mess with him today though...

I get in about 10 minutes before Lou and this was my park job today:

Shannon's excellent park job Photo credit: Shannon Holly

LOL...I only wish I could see his face when he realized that he could not park in his spot because I actually did morph into his spot.  Just for perspective here was the view to the left...

Parking to the left...Photo credit Shannon Holly

And the view to the right...

View to the right...Photo credit: Shannon Holly

As you can see there are many parking options but Lou was not too happy.  He walks in and said, "wise-a$$" LOL!  Of course I went back downstairs to move the cars back in place but I just had to do it!  Don't mess with a Jersey girl!  LOL.

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