We're going to crunch some weather numbers to find out just how mild it's been this winter in towns throughout Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

We checked with U.S Climate Data and found out that our daytime high on average for this time of year is about 41 degrees in our area. Let's check out how many times over the past month we've been at or below our average daytime high.

Using date from the Office Of The New Jersey State Climatologist, we checked in some random area towns to see how much warmer it's been than it should be.

We'll list the town and the number of times the daytime high has been as cold or colder than the average temperature this time of year based on data from 1/21/20 to 2/20/20...

Howell has only dropped to the season average 5 times in the past month, meaning it's been warmer than average 25 of 30 days.

Point Pleasant has been 41 degrees or lower for daytime highs 7 times in the past 30 days, so 23 of the last 30 have been warmer than normal.

Wall Twp. has been at or below average only 8 of the past 30 days.

Toms River has been above average 25 of the last 30 days.

We think you get the point. It's been unseasonably warm, and aside from feeling bad for the kids who were really looking forward to some snow, this is pretty good news so far this winter.

And if you buy into long range forecasts, there isn't much change, at least over the next 10 days. But as we've said before in our lack of snow post, we all know that New Jersey weather can change in the blink of an eye, so let's just hope for the best.

And stay up to date on all of the latest Jersey Shore weather with our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

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