Let me start by saying I'm not the kind of guy who wants to see a ghost. 


I don't wake up every morning wondering where I can see something supernatural. And I don't exaggerate. Keep that in mind during this story.

It was a weekend not too long ago when Diane and I went to Cape May to enjoy a nice weekend, and it turns out I don't think we were alone in that room. I honestly don't Exactly how freaky is that?

Our haunted story begins in Cape May, NJ on night one.

Here are just some of the highlights of things that we experienced in a 48 hour period...

Our perfectly trained dog freaked out and pooped on the bed the minute we got there. Pets were welcome at the time, but Zeus wished he could be anywhere else the first day we were there. He never acted like that before or after that day. Not in his whole life.

We both witnessed a door being slammed while we were in the room. And I'm not talking about a door that slowly creaked open. I'm talking about a jarring slam. Afterward, I tried to push the door gently to see if it was a weight thing or something, but it wasn't. And no windows were open in the room.

A stand-up mirror, which we tried to adjust, but was seemingly locked in place, was in a completely different position when we returned to the room from a short walk. I mean, this thing wouldn't budge for me.

This is bed and breakfast was on our haunted tour in Cape May.

And, we saw a man on the B&B porch the first afternoon and noticed he seemed overdressed, He sat alone until we got onto the porch and then he got up, held the door for us, and said something I thought seemed oddly formal. We never saw him again, but that night on a ghost tour bus, we were told about the spirit of an old captain who often visited the location.

Was it him? Who knows, but it was enough to get some tingles up my spine.

Other things happened, too, but I think I'll save those stories for another day. Yes, any of these things could probably be explained without a ghost. But, all of them. I'm not going to lie. That trip made me a ghost believer.

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