This is perfect to show how much your ex means to you.

Associated Humane Societies just launched a fundraiser that is kind of brilliant.  If you donate $10 online to help save the animals of Associated Humane Societies, they'll write your ex’s name in a litter box and let their kitties loose to show how they feel about your awful ex.   I told you this was crap-tastic!

Maybe you're more of a dog person? Well just donate $25 dollars online and send in a photo of your ex.  They will gladly let one of their dogs tear it to shreds while they film the fun.  Ahhhh now that's therapeutic!

Anyone that wants to submit their ex can click on this link and select either the litter box option or the picture option request.

Here is how it will work.  They will write all of the names in litter boxes on Valentine's Day.  They will take photos of the action and post them on their socials for you to like and share.

If you’re selecting the photo option, send the pic to  They will be sure to get it on video and share it on their social media as well. I should also mention, nothing cures a broken heart like the new love of your life…a sweet rescue fur baby!
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