Stress is a part of like. Whether it is stress at home or at work,  most people have found a way to keep stress in check, too much stress day in and day out can lead to burnout and exhaustion both physically and emotionally.  A few warning signs of burnout include a negative work attitude or dreading going to work, trouble sleeping, low energy, being easily irritated, or even feelings of hopelessness. It can also manifest through physical symptoms such as headache, illness, or backaches. The consequences of a burnout can spill into your personal life and negatively affect your relationships with friends and family.  Here are a few strategies that we can use to avoid a burnout.

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    Work and Live With a Purpose

    If you feel as if you simply to earn a paycheck, take some time to rediscover your purpose. How does your work make life better for others? If you believe you are following the wrong career path, develop a career strategy to plan for a career that’s better for you. If you feel unfilled in your home life, connect with others and find hobbies or common interests that you enjoy.

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    Give to Others

    This is a quick and easy strategy to help you add meaning to your career or every day life. Even the smallest acts of kindness can help you find meaning in your world.  Helping others in small ways can make a big difference. Consider volunteerting your time or teaching something that you know well.

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    Take Control

    Take control of your work and home life by managing your time effectively, prioritizing your tasks and creating to-do lists. You can also keep track of daily, weekly and monthly goals to take control of projects and deadlines.

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    Besides being good for our physical wellbeing, working out can provide you with an emotional boost. Getting up and moving, even if it's for 20 minutes a day, can reduce anxiety, depression, and negative moods.

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    Take a Vacation and Unplug

    If you've been working for months without a break take some time to unplug. sometimes when we become so involved in our work we may forget to take care of ourselves. Taking this time away can help you align and realize your goals, prioritize relaxation, and reduce stress. To provide the best work, you must also have a self-care routine to provide your best self.

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