Your experience at First Energy Park, home of the Lakewood BlueClaws, will be even better this year as the team announces some great family fun upgrades!

Envision a night at the Jersey Shore, what's it like?

General Manager Joe Ricciutti says they're bringing that boardwalk night out atmosphere to first energy park this season.

"We wanted to add another layer of fun for fans and residents of Ocean and Monmouth Counties who are looking for something fun to do and very affordable to do with their family and friends," Ricciutti told WOBM News Thursday morning.

The fun includes nine-hole mini-golf with a special theme.

"We thought it'd be really cool to draw some attention to our guys that are notables," Ricciutti said. "What a better way to do it than having a 'holes of fame'?"

You'll also be able to run thru and play some boardwalk games.

"The typical boardwalk style games you'd see if you were in Point Pleasant or at Seaside like ring toss, hoop shot and balloons and darts," Ricciutti said.

Some of the delicious food you'll see features funnel cakes and candies.

"We wanted to make sure that we had some of the typical stuff that you would see at the boardwalk like a sweet shop," Ricciutti said. "So, candy apples and caramel apples and fudge."

There will also be additional games the kids can run around the bases afterwards and seven more fireworks nights are being added to the schedule.

"We added seven Saturday night fireworks to the mix, so now we'll have 20 fireworks nights this season," Ricciutti said.

Ricciutti says they wanted to create an atmosphere for both the baseball and non-baseball fan.

"There's a boardwalk, games, the mascots are always doing fun-goofy stuff, there's fireworks nights, kids can run the bases, there's have all of that stuff that really makes it a perfect night out with friends and family," Ricciutti said.

They're also upgrading the HVAC/AC systems to the Luxury Suite level and Monmouth Medical Center Champions Club.

He expects all the improvements to be ready to go for the home opener April 12 against the Delmarva ShoreBirds and ticket prices won't be rising as a result of all the upgrades.

To learn more about the improvements, check out the release.

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