If you've always wanted a job in baseball, no matter what age you are, there is a golden opportunity to gain some experience and showcase your skills this year with the Jersey Shore BlueClaws who are hosting a job fair with many different positions available.

There are a plethora of part-time positions available all across First Energy Park in Lakewood that you have a chance to be hired for and be apart of the BlueClaws game day staff.

Applications are currently being accepted but there will also be a virtual job fair between January 10 and 21.

"We will be hosting our virtual interviews for a very long list of open positions in every single department within this organization," Kayla Reilly, BlueClaws Director of Events and Operations, tells Townsquare Media News. "They're all part-time jobs, they all start at $13.00 an hour, some positions are day-time (and) most of them are night time."

The BlueClaws are looking for all kinds of skillsets to fill a great number of positions, giving you a chance at a great opportunity to work for the team including box office attendants, working in the kid-zone area as well as the inflatables, boardwalk games and mini-golf area with the team also looking for a group of 5 bat-boys, parking lot attendants, concession stand and kitchen workers which includes the positions of servers, cooks and bartenders.

Some of the positions will include work on the field/in the ballpark as well as in the community on the Claws Crew Team in the promotions department.

"You get to work games and this year we're trying to get out into the community and doing a lot more community appearances and getting out there attending events, festivals, schools -- so we need a whole group of people that are going to go out into the community, come here, pick up a bunch of promotional items and go to a pop-up event and basically just spread awareness for our name and our brand," Reilly said.

The BlueClaws are hiring in several departments from promotions and production to concessions, bat boys and groundskeepers.

"We're hiring everywhere, so if you've ever wanted to even just get your foot in the door to work in sports, I think this is a great way to just get a little taste of it," Reilly said. "If it's your first job ever and you just need to get out of the house -- mom and dad are telling you you got to get out, the world's coming back you got to go get a job -- great first job for that. If you're a teacher whose looking for something to do in the summer...great spot."

Whatever position you apply for and any you are hired for, there is a full-days experience you'll encounter coming to the ballpark from start to finish.

"Hours wise, you come in a couple hours before the game depending on what your position is and you get your area ready depending on what your position is," Really said. "You're there through the game, usually through the whole thing. If there's a different theme night or something going on, so like fireworks nights, we're all here a little bit longer because you all have to watch the beautiful fireworks we shoot off from centerfield. Those nights, we're here longer, some slower nights where there's not much going on, you might get to leave a little earlier but I would say no two days are ever the same...for everyone."

If you're interested in applying for a position with the BlueClaws, (and are at least 16-years old), you can Click here and then someone with the BlueClaws will reach out to schedule a virtual interview.

You can email any questions tol employment@blueclaws.com.

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