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So as I drove around Ocean County this week, I noticed a vacant store with a sign which read “Available All Uses Considered”. This particular location is located on Fischer Blvd. in the Bellecrest Plaza in East Toms River 

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

So obviously it is a frequently asked question, can business owners do “whatever” with a property when renting. Hence the “All Uses Considered”. Which must be the $1,000 question. What works, what doesn’t? What does the community need and what at the end of the day will bring foot traffic into a local business?

Has COVID-19 made us think differently about “local” business? Does local business now need both a brick and mortar location and a digital location to succeed? Let’s face it, people are not venturing out as much and we may see even more restrictions in the coming weeks. I think you need to be at everyone’s fingertips first in order to get their footsteps later... that make sense?

What is best for this section of Toms River, situated halfway between Route 37 and Hooper Avenue? From the looks of it, it is a bigger property. Was this a supermarket? It definitely has lots of room. This can dictate the kind of business that would make a good fit because there is so much floor space, unless looks are deceiving.

In 2020 how does a local “Mom and Pop Shop” succeed against national retailers? What can “local” do to stand out and succeed? Are originality and promotion the key? If people know what you are and what you look like and have to offer, better the chance they come through your door? I think so.

So now YOU come into the conversation. What do you think would be a good fit for this location in East Toms River?

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