The cost for everything seems to be going up.  Every day you are seeing friends and family members post on social media that it’s taking an extraordinary amount of money to fill up their gas tank.  

Not only are we seeing the pain at the pump.  

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We are all seeing everyday products go up in price.  From there big box stores to mom and pop shops, restaurants, and grocery stores.  I can seriously go on and on.  

One local Jersey Shore business, locally owned, a local favorite, opened up and was extremely transparent with their customers.  

Jp Valery, Unsplash
Jp Valery, Unsplash

They are being very upfront with all of their patrons, being upfront about their cost rising "as high as 100%."  Just think about that.  The costs are outrageous for just a year ago when most of these local businesses are ready to welcome beachgoers back to the Jersey Shore.

Seriously, if you’re a locally owned business right now, my heart goes out to you.   

The one thing that we have been hearing a lot of lately, is that supply chain issues are causing pain in our wallets.

"Elevated inflation has been driven by supply chain disruptions and pent-up consumer demand for goods as the Covid-19 pandemic wanes," according to Forbes.

Colonial Bakery, is just one business sharing its struggle.

Stating that "ingredients and paper good prices...have gone up a minimum of 20%, sometimes up to 100% or more."  They, as you can see in their post, are very transparent with their customer ahead of their opening.

What was the reaction to the post?  Exactly what you would hope.

Nicv3 on Instagram said, "We definitely appreciate letting us know and we will be supporting you again this summer!!"

Cerveza_Joel on Instagram said, "See you guys in July!!!"
Robertareed0927 on their Instagram commented, "Can't put a price on quality. Keep doing what you’re doing! Thank you for sharing with us and can’t wait to come in a stock-up!"
Listen, this is the time to support our local businesses.  If you know of a local business, a local mom-and-pop shop, that has the goods or services you need.  Please, spend your money with them.  They need it now more than ever.

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