This is a story we first brought to you back in January, the construction on a former BP and Shell gas station at the corner of Fischer Blvd and Route 37 in Toms River.

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This particular location, owned by a local businessman, has been under renovation for some time…..looks like work is kicking into high gear and we wanted to share an update with you.

We received a lot of feedback from you at home and we appreciated your intel. Several people told us they knew the owner of this location and that he was doing all the renovations himself, so obviously that is a lot of money and labor and not to mention we have been in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic for over a year, which has slowed many construction projects all over the state and the nation.

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You also told us that this was eventually going to be a multi service station …. Including gas and oil and lube and possibly other auto services. We hope the family who owns the spot will be done and open soon and we wanted to show you how it’s a flurry of work there and things are moving along.

Take a look at the photo gallery below and see all the construction and work that’s going on at the location. Hard work and determination must be a good part of what’s happening with this locally owned business in Toms River


Local Toms River Gas Station Construction

Latest photos from work on the corner of Fischer Blvd and Route 37 in Toms River.


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