It's getting to be that time of year: falling leaves, Halloween, shorter days, hoodies and did I mention flu season?

Personally I never got a flu shot, why? Because I hate needles. Yeah, I have tattoos and I get gratification from that pain because I can see the end results, but someone jabbing a stick into my muscle?  No way!  That was until I got the flu: 2 weeks in bed with aches and pain, making a deal with God to just let this be over and I promise next year I'll suck it up and get the shot.

I don't wish that suffering on anyone, so to help get the word out I invited Leslie Tergesen from the Ocean County Health Department on with me today.  Listen to my full interview with her here:

So please do yourself a favor and go get your vaccination as soon as you can because it's only September 18th and already there are reported cases - I'm going tomorrow, no way am I going through THAT again!

Stay Healthy!

Will You Be Getting A Flu Shot This Year?

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