Your opinion means the world to us and believe me, we listen when you tell us something.

We have this awesome 92.7 WOBM - Shawn & Sue listener, that asked us, "Have you guys been to Breakin Bread Eatery in Toms River." It must be good if she's calling us and telling us this. For restaurants in Ocean County that get a shout-out the way this restaurant did is just unbelievable.

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I know what you're thinking, does she work there? Is she related to them? The answer is no. Katie (who called us from Tom River) went there for her first time on Mother's Day.

Shawn and I had no idea of this place. We were just talking about the "best" bread in Ocean County. I googled Breakin Bread and here's what I found and instantly loved what I saw on their website. As big as can be this saying, "Welcome, Where your belly will be fun and your heart will be happy! Stop in for a quick bite!"

Breakin Bread Eatery is located at 1177 Fischer Blvd. in Toms River. My husband and I tried it last night. Breakin Bread Eatery was delicious and my husband was raving all night about their Pasta Fagioli, his personal favorite. He said it was delicious.

Breakin Bread Eatery opened in December of 2020.

"Thank you" for letting us know. When you tell us about something, we will try it out. We can't know everything every single minute in Ocean County, we always need you and your eyes.

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