Our military service men and women are out there battling all kinds of elements including weather and surface related as they're stationed around the world.

It's one of the reasons New Jersey Senator Kristin Corrado (R-40) began the now annual "Socks for Soldiers" collection drive while she was the Passaic County Clerk and continued doing so once she was in the state legislature.

Senator Corrado had joined with now former State Senator Christopher "Kip" Bateman (R-16) on this intiative while he was in office.

All together over the years, the collection drive has netted thousands of pairs of socks each year.

Here in 2022, the collection drive is back as Corrado has now teamed up with Burlington County State Senator Jean Stanfield (R-8) in collecting socks and encouraging schools, businesses, local governments and others to help them in this effort.

“A good pair of clean socks can help improve circulation, stop blisters and prevent infections,” Senator Corrado (R-40), said in a written statement. “Unworn socks are always in high demand for the troops servicing our nation at home or abroad. Quality socks are not a luxury for our soldiers, they are a necessity. Our sock drive is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the sacrifices of our volunteer heroes, and show they have support from back home in New Jersey.”

Both, Corrado and Stanfield, will be collecting sock donations at their respective district offices all month long.

“Military members don’t always have access to laundry facilities, and clean socks can be tough to come by,” Stanfield said in a written statement. “Dirty socks can create problems. We want to keep our soldiers healthy and effective, and this is a great way to help keep them on their toes. For a young man or woman serving far from home, access to new socks can be a difference-maker.”

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If you and/or your group/office wish to donate the socks, you can do so at two locations, and can certainly do so closest to the office where you live and work.

Senator Corrado’s 40th District Office is at 999 Riverview Drive, Suite 350 in Totowa, and Senator Stanfield’s 8th District Office is at 668 Main Street in Lumberton.

In addition to collecting the socks as their offices, Senator Corrado and Senator Stanfield are asking schools, businesses, and local governments to support the effort by posting collection boxes with a “Socks for Soldiers” sign and you can print one here.

You can also contact each Senator's office for more information.

Honoring our Military and Veterans

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