The price of just about everything is going up.

Driving is expensive as is with sky-high fuel prices (even though we're getting a break at the moment.)

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Most of us have EZ Pass and don't think twice about tolls.

When we reach the low balance level, we automatically add $25 and are on our way.

As some know all too well, tolls can add up quickly.

Take The Turnpike for example, according to The News Wheel:

Stretching from the George Washington Bridge just outside of New York to I-295 near the Delaware Memorial Bridge, the New Jersey Turnpike easily earns a spot on this list. While the cost per toll varies based on the closed billing system, it costs 15.5 cents per mile on this 122-mile road as of June 2021.

That 15 and a half cents per mile was enough to put the Turnpike on the top 11 list of the most expensive toll roads.

Google Maps
Google Maps

How about the Bayonne bridge going into Staten Island.

$11.75 off-peak and $13.75 at peak.

The George Washington Bridge, The Goethals, Holland and Lincoln Tunnels, and the Outerbridge Crossing are all as high as $13.75.

With prices like those, this hike may seem insignificant.

This is one of the few bridges in New Jersey where you can't use EZ Pass, you must actually use cash.

Plus, it's a privately owned bridge which is really rare.

Have you ever crossed Dingman's Ferry Bridge?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Located in Sussex County, it connects New Jersey and Pennsylvania over the Delaware River.

According to, after over a decade of holding at a $1 toll, the price will jump to $2 starting on July 1. Ticket books which were $30 for 40 are now going to $40.

For other modes of transportation it breaks out like this:

  • Passenger vehicles (4 tires) and motorcycles: $2 or 1 ticket
  • Vehicles with a trailer: $3 or 2 tickets
  • Larger vehicles within the weight limit: $3 or 2 tickets
  • Larger vehicles with a trailer: $4 or 3 tickets
  • Wrecker with a vehicle in tow: $5 or 5 tickets
  • Ticket book (40 tickets): $40
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