When it comes to summer there is one tasty treat that most people will admit liking, unless of course "dairy" is not your friend but for the most part, we all agree that ice cream and summer go together like winter and hot chocolate.


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For me the choice is simple I love ice cream and my favorite is vanilla, hands down. Now I won't turn down other flavors, but vanilla or a combination including it are my first choices. Nothing better than a vanilla sundae with hot fudge topping, whipped cream, and a cherry on top, for me that is the perfect summer treat.


This article isn't about my favorite ice cream, but possibly Ocean County's favorite ice cream shop. Question is, do you agree? is this shop ranked top by YELP as "the best ice cream shop in Ocean County?"


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The shop ranked top by YELP is The Ice Cream Shop of Manahawkin. It's ranked by YELP according to reviews and ratings and this shop received the highest marks, do you agree?



The Ice Cream Shop of Manahawkin is located at 59 Rte 9 Manahawkin, NJ 08050. The shop has all kinds of intriguing homemade flavors including a new one that's highlighted on their Facebook page called "Sea Slime". "It’s a vanilla ice cream base with Oreos, cookie dough bites, sprinkles, gummy bears, fruity pebbles, marshmallows, and waffle cone pieces in it! The only thing you won’t find in this fun blue flavor is actual sea creatures." That's intriguing!

So have you visited The Ice Cream Shop of Manahawkin? if so what do you think? have a favorite flavor? or is there an ice cream shop in Ocean County you prefer? post your comments below and let us know.


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