Traveling is already stressful. And with everything going on in the world this is kind of hard to ignore.

We have a huge holiday weekend coming up and the last thing anyone wants to think about is our issues in an airport.

TSA Agents' Pay Uncertain As Government Shutdown Continues
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Well, now it looks like there’s another issue that is concerning TSA agents inside Newark Liberty.  

What are the first things that you do when you get to the airport? 

You would usually check your bag.

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Then gather the party you are traveling with. Head on over to the security checkpoint, and wait that long line so a TSA agent can screen you.  

One very unusual trend has been happening inside Newark liberty. That is, the alarming amount of firearms being detained at the security checkpoint.

According to Thomas Carter, TSA’s Federal Security Director for New Jersey found on the TSA's website:

“Guns, ammunition and security checkpoints don’t mix. Guns and ammunition are never allowed to pass through a security checkpoint to be carried onto a flight, even if a traveler has a concealed carry permit. However, passengers can transport their guns and ammunition for their trips if they pack them properly in checked baggage and declare them to the airline.”

That's an important line right there, and I truly wonder if people just do not know this, but "Guns and ammunition are never allowed to pass..."

Jay Rembert, Unsplash
Jay Rembert, Unsplash

It's kind of scary.

Think about this before heading to the airport this holiday weekend. If you see something say something.

If you have a firearm on you because you can carry it legally, leave it at home, I’ll let you are checking that firearm legally.

How Many Guns Have Been Found So Far at Newark Liberty International Airport

According to the TSA, in 2020 - during a COVID year -11; 2021 - 12, and so far, the first half of 2022 - 9.

Accidents happen but not knowing you have a loaded firearm with you before boarding a flight seems a little outrageous.

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If you haven't gone to an airport recently, you should know that it is a madhouse again. I recently went on a trip to Los Angeles. I flew out of Newark Liberty International Airport and it was packed. You wouldn't think we are getting past a pandemic. The only thing that made the whole airport experience a little weird was wearing a face mask the entire time. 

Checking in your luggage, getting your boarding pass, and going through TSA had zero social distancing with a bunch of sweaty bodies trying to get in right away. It somewhat felt good getting the feeling of more normalcy. But it was still weird because it has been so long since people acted normal. 

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