TOMS RIVER — Former Met and Yankee Todd Frazier says he is being terrorized by turkeys — along with residents of the Holiday City section of Berkeley Township.

An aggressive group of 40-60 wild turkeys were reported to be be blocking driveways, acting aggressively and even biting, residents told News 12 last week. Video from the news station shows them on the roofs of homes and walking down a street together in the Holiday City sections of Toms River and Berkeley Township.

Frazier on Saturday said they are a big problems at his Toms River home as well.

"They have come close to harming my family and friends, ruined my cars, trashed my yard and much more," Frazier said on his Twitter account. He took issue with "Toms River and the Toms River wildlife" being unable to move them and called upon Gov. Phil Murphy to get involved

"Animal control needs to step up and move these animals ASAP. State wildlife control needs to figure it out," Frazier tweeted.

On Sunday morning he tweeted a picture of 10 turkeys around and on top of a parked vehicle and the message. "How's your morning going," he asked.

DEP spokesman Larry Hajna said that the Division of Fish & Wildlife is working with a resident in Holiday City who raised concerns and the development’s homeowner’s association to gather information.

"The Division of Fish and Wildlife has offered to trap the birds but so far has not been granted access to a large enough open area to set traps," Hajna said on Friday.

Hajna offered advice to those with aggressive wild turkeys on their property:

  • Use a broom, garden hose or air horn to scare the birds and reinforce their natural fear of people.
  • Do not feed any wild animals.
  • Place cardboard over windows to prevent reflections. Tom turkeys may see their reflection in a window and may try to attack it, thinking it’s another tom.


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