Walking around in women's clothing including a bra is only part of what drew attention to a Berkeley Township Peeping Tom who police say was allegedly peeking into windows in Holiday City and pleasuring himself while doing so on September 20.

Following an investigation, 26-year old Justin Guy has now been arrested and is charged with criminal trespass and invasion of privacy.

Berkeley Police responded to a Jamaica Boulevard home on September 20 for a suspicious incident and were informed by the victim reported that their surveillance cameras captured an image of a person, dressed in female undergarments, peeking into windows and was committing lewd acts to himself in the middle of the night.

The video then showed the subject leave the area.

An investigation continued and included neighborhood interviews, surveillance footage retrieval, person of interest interviews, neighborhood watches and press and social media posts.

Police credit the public for providing leads to help identify the suspect.

On October 17 enough was collected to get a search warrant of a home and then came the arrest of Justin Guy.

He was charged with one count of Criminal Trespass (peering) and Invasion of Privacy and was released on a summons in accordance with the Bail Reform Act.

"The successful resolution to this case was the result of a coordinated effort by police and the community sharing information," Berkeley Township Police said on Facebook. "Concerned Citizens came forward to provide critical information to officers on the road and to the tip line."

Residents are reminded to contact the Berkeley Township Police to report suspicious activity by calling 732-341-1132 extension 611 or by email at tips@btpdnj.org.

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