If you live, work, or drive in Middletown, you may want to adjust your route to destination anywhere for the next three months.

New Jersey American Water announced on Monday that crews are now out in the Port Monmouth section of Middletown beginning a project to replace about 9,280 feet of aging water main in the township.

In addition to the water main upgrades, you'll see crews replace two fire hydrants as well as 186 utility-owned service lines along the pipeline route.

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The two and six-inch cast iron water lines that are getting an upgrade are pretty old, having been installed back in the 1940s, according to NJAW, but they're being replaced with eight-inch ductile iron mains.

It'll cost a pretty penny as well to make these upgrades.

NJAW said it's a $2.5-million dollar investment, all in an effort to make the water and water service more reliable, increase water flow so you can use it at home, and ensure the firefighters have what they need to help put out fires.

J. F. Kiely Construction Co. is the contractor NJAW has asked to make the upgrades, which they expect to be done within approximately three months, depending on the weather.

Now, it'll be work done during the day as opposed to overnight, so you can expect to see crews out along certain roads between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm during the week.

There are a few roads that'll be impacted in Middletown with this project.

· Briarcliff Place

· Grace Avenue

· Mercer Avenue

· Mills Avenue

· Hudson Avenue

· Montana Avenue

· York Avenue

· Eastmond Place

· Texas Avenue

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