Before you know it, kids will be marching up and down the streets of the Jersey Shore in search of the ultimate Halloween treat.

We figured you may be picking up your bags of Halloween candy while you run your errands this weekend and we wanted to share some info about what candies you might want to avoid, at least according to Daily Meal.

They have listed their 3 least favorite Halloween candies. We'll leave it up to you to agree or not, but we wanted you to know before you head out to make your purchases.

According to Daily Meal, the three worst candies to hand out on Halloween are Life Savers, especially the mint ones apparently, Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum, and licorice of any kind.

Licorice? Really? I can't agree with that one. Red licorice is one of my all-time favorite candies. Oh, and while I'm at it, let's talk about Whoppers. I see them in the bowl, I think I want them, I eat them, and then I realize I didn't want them in the first place. It gets me every time. Sorry, no Whoppers for me.

For the record, Daily Meal also listed their best Halloween candies, and the top three are Twix, Snickers, and Sour Patch Kids. My opinion on these? Love them, love them and don't love them.

So happy candy shopping. Let's hope you make some good choices!

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