It seems wherever you go these days, people are talking politics. Maybe you participate, or maybe you avoid them altogether.

Either way, all that we seem to hear these days are political conversations or arguments or news stories. But how much of all that really gets through to the residents of the Garden State enough to get them out to vote?

It turns out that for all the talk and opinions we seem to hear each day or read on social media, New Jersey residents aren't heading out to vote as often as you think, and certainly not as much as most other states.

Wallet Hub ranked each state on political engagement using indicators such as voter registration from the 2016 presidential election to political contributions and more. And according to this research, New Jersey isn't that politically engaged at all.

The Garden State ranks 36th among all states and Washington D.C. It should come as a surprise to exactly no one that D.C. was the most politically engaged in the nation. New Mexico ranked the lowest in the research.

These results really bother me, because I feel bombarded by people's political opinions on social media (whether I've asked for them or not), and yet I feel like it's all just noise if we aren't getting to the polls and making those opinion heard in the place where it counts the most.

So with Election Day around the corner, let's all pay attention to this research information. It should serve as a friendly reminder to us all to take advantage of our ability to have our opinion really matter.

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