We live in an area of the world that always seems to be in a hurry. We can barely keep up with our own world, and with a schedule so demanding, it's not always easy to find the time to help others. And that's why what I saw at the Stop & Shop parking lot in Point Pleasant Boro this week was so heartwarming.

Photo by Bruno Kelzer on Unsplash
Photo by Bruno Kelzer on Unsplash

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It was the day after the Nor'easter this week, so it wasn't raining, but that wind was still whipping up. I needed a couple of things on my way home from work, so I stopped at the Point Boro Stop & Shop on Bridge Ave. to get what I needed.

It was the middle of the workday, and the normally difficult parking lot experience was a little easier than usual. As I pulled into my parking spot, I noticed a gut, about 30 with a long beard and tattoos up and down both arms walking across the lot to one of the cart collection areas to grab a shopping cart.

It was one of the ones all the way across the lot from the entrance. He battled the wind and was almost at the entrance when he saw a woman, probably in her early 80's just getting out of her car.

He immediately spun around, wheeled his cart over to her, and gave it to her to save her the walk in the wind she would have had to take to get her own. He then went to the carts that are passed the entrance, closer to Rite Aid, and got one for himself

In the big picture of things, it's a small but sweet gesture. But it's worth celebrating because it's a great move on his part, and the world could use a little more of it these days.

So, if you're the bearded guy, congratulations on a job well done. There are a lot of courteous people around the Jersey Shore, and when we get a chance, we should celebrate them!

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