There are always a core group of businesses in a town that really ties the community together, and the awesome town of Point Pleasant Borough is no exception. there is no shortage of great businesses in the Boro, so we thought we'd spotlight some of them.

We came up with a bunch of super important businesses in town we thought fit the bill as establishments that make life in Pont Pleasant Borough so much easier. We had a top 5 but couldn't help but turn it into 15 because we love local business. And we know we could add to the list all day long.

One thing is for sure, though. No matter how long the list is, the businesses on it certainly deserve the praise, and we thank them for all they do and have done over the years. So here they are...the 15  businesses we just can't love enough in Point Pleasant Borough.

15 Businesses Point Pleasant Borough, NJ Can't Live Without

Now, before you get too upset, we know there are a ton of other businesses that are so important to Point Pleasant Borough, and we just mentioned a few. Let us know which ones mean a lot to you, and we'll be glad to celebrate them and put them on a future list.

We're with you. These and all the great local businesses in town should be celebrated, and we're glad to be part of the celebration. We didn't even get to Purple Iris, Rite Aid,  Clarizioand so many others.

Let's just say it's great to live in a small town with a lot of amazing local businesses. We are very lucky.

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