I witnessed something over the Memorial Day Weekend and I’m just sitting here thinking, "Wow, ok, that’s definitely dangerous."

Now that I live on the barrier island, right off of 35, I have a feeling that I'm going to see more and more of this happening.

Max Tarkhov, Unsplash
Max Tarkhov, Unsplash

During the winter months, as you know, it gets pretty quiet over near Seaside Heights, Lavallette, Ortley, but if there’s somebody standing at the crosswalk I’m gonna stop for them.

Granted, at that time there are a lot fewer cars.  You can usually stop, and you're literally the only person on the road in the winter months.  That is quickly changing.

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Over the weekend, obviously, the beach towns were nuts.  Even with a little rain, that didn't stop people from kicking off summer here at the Jersey Shore.

One thing I noticed was people trying to cross where there were no crosswalks.

Yes, that’s dangerous in itself.

Here's what is even more dangerous.  The drivers stopped for them.  Why?  No one‘s expecting it.  That's absolutely one of the most dangerous things that we're going to witness at the Jersey Shore and in our beach towns this season.  You have to agree with this, right?

Steve Lieman, Unsplash
Steve Lieman, Unsplash

Not only is someone trying to cross, where there is no crosswalk, a massive mistake, but if you're a driver seeing another driver stop, where this is not a crosswalk, you're going to assume they are trying to park.

So, if you don't see the pedestrian, because you are not looking for them, it could be a very catastrophic situation.

Not trying to pile on, but on top of that, if the row of flowing traffic isn't expecting it, it can cause an accident.

If you want to stay safe this summer.  Please, cross at crosswalks.  For everyone's sake.

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