A bad situation worsened quickly for a teen who allegedly left a car overturned on a Jackson street Tuesday night. Police said that a punch thrown at an officer means more serious charges.

Jackson Township Police (Jackson PD Facebook page)
Jackson Township Police (Jackson PD Facebook page)

Officers who arrived at to Scarlet Oak Court at about 11:30 PM found no one with the car, police said. Officer Shane Davis found the 18-year-old and brought him to headquarters.

After being charged with driving while intoxicated, and related counts, the apparently-irate teen hurled a flurry of loud obscenities at the officers, then hit Davis in the groin, police said.

The teen, whose identity was not disclosed, was restrained, marched back to a holding cell, charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, and transferred to the Ocean County Jail in Toms River.

The incident was one of several that kept Jackson police hopping through the holiday weekend.

Trash leads to trouble

Garbage cascading from the window of a Dodge lands two women inside in front of a list of charges that go far beyond littering.

According to police, Officer Alex Crinnian noticed violations on the car in front of his on West Veterans Highway Tuesday afternoon, then watched the trash fly from inside as it turned to Cedar Swamp Road.

In the ensuing pullover, Crinnari determined that neither the 24-year-old driver nor the 51-year-old passenger wore seat restraints; that the passenger provided false identification, and that the passenger had a court order against the driver.

As Officers Andy Falzarano and Kyle Stybe arrived, the passenger was directed to step out of the car, but she instead began to shout and hold on to the seat, police said.

After a struggle,.she was charged with hindering apprehension, resisting arrest, obstructing administration of law, failure to wear a seat belt and throwing refuse from a vehicle. The driver was charged with violating a court order, and with road violations. Police said that both were released to await court hearings.

Hindering no help

The other hindering charge lodged during the weekend occurred Monday night, when patrol officers fielded a report of loud juveniles on Bryant Drive.

According to police, the rowdies didn't give Officers Wes Thomason and Phil Minissale an easy time in identifications. They managed to learn that a 22-year-old man gave them false ID, and after establishing his true identity, found that a warrant was issued for him in Freehold, police said.

He was booked for hindering apprehension, posted bail related to the warrant, and released to await court proceedings, police said.

Twofer Tuesday fires

Police said that they responded to two fires within two hours Tuesday night. The first was a shed on Clearstream Road, which went up in flames at about 9:15 PM. The second was bigger, a fire in an Aumack Road house that caught flames from a car burning in the driveway. Police reported no injuries, but said that both fires are under investigation.

Rolling weed shop?

A Lakewood 33-year-old was slapped with three possession-related charges Monday night, for allegedly having marijuana and all the gear to push it in his car.

Police said that Officer Keith French stopped the 2004 Audio on West Countyline Road to look into road violations, but found that the owner's license was under suspension, and during the background check, detected the odor of marijuana wafting from the car.

French seized two bags of suspected marijuana, packaging material containing marijuana residue, a scale, several phones, and more than $300 cash, authorities said.

The driver was released to await court proceedings, but the car was impounded pending forfeiture, police said.

On the edge 

Police said that they also initiated two crisis interventions Monday afternoon. Shortly after 12 PM, a 29-year-old man was evaluated and hospitalized after family members grew concerned over his claims of the power to read minds and erratic behavior. Less than three hours later, police interceded for a 40-year-old man who was reported as being intoxicated for several days, and acting suicidal. He was also hospitalized.

Charges are accusations. Defendants are presumed innocent unless, and until, found guilty in a court of law.

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