JACKSON — A cement truck plowed into a small market in Ocean County on Thursday, taking out the front of the store.

An alert about the crash at Glory's Market on Cedar Swamp Road at the intersection of Commodore Boulevard was sent by the Ocean County Sheriff's Department around 12:30 p.m.

Sebastian Jastrzebski said he was a couple of cars behind at the light at the intersection when he heard the impact, and saw at least two heavily damaged cars parked in front of the store. Another car was damaged on Cedar Swamp Road.

The market is located just south of Route 195.

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"Everybody was just looking and trying to see if there was any help needed," Jastrzebski told New Jersey 101.5, adding that some people who were close ran over to help. He saw at least two people get out of the cars on their own as emergency personnel arrived who appeared to be in shock.

It wasn't clear if anyone was inside the store.

Jackson Police described the crash as "serious" on its Facebook page but did not disclose details.

Jastrzebski said he lives a few hundred yards from the intersection and said drivers turn in-and-out of the market all day creating some blind spots.

Police blocked off traffic in the immediate area of store and blocked the exits from Route 195 as an investigation and clean up continued.

Jackson Police and the Ocean County Sheriff's Office have not yet returned messages.

Suzanne Kirby contributed to this report

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