Embrace Tradition At The Annual Italian Festival In Spring Lake, New Jersey
I am thrilled to see this event back! On Saturday, September 25th, the annual Spring Lake Italian Festival will return. The event organizers will close down Morris Avenue from Third to Fourth to turn the street into an Italian village. From Noon-5 pm, you and the entire family can stroll through downtown Spring Lake while enjoying live music, dancing, food, activities, and shopping.
I’m Stuffed! Are The Jersey Shore’s Tastiest Stuffed Shells Made On The Border Of Wall & Manasquan?
If you read my articles, as you know, I love going out and exploring what the great Jersey Shore has to offer. What you might not know is that I grew up in Monmouth County. I graduated from Wall High School in 2012. Four years later, after getting my communications degree from West Virginia University in 2016, I quickly started my radio career in Kentucky. After a year in the middle of nowhere Kentucky, I then moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for three years. I was moving around the country to simply build my resume in hopes of one day making it back here to be a radio personality. Though I am very thankful for my past experiences in other states, I will be the first to admit I missed living at the Jersey Shore and I especially missed going to Jersey Shore restaurants. For the years I missed living at home, I am now taking FULL advantage of what the Jersey Shore has to offer.
Lady Fingers and Apple Pie
I don't know why but all my conversations turn into 1 of 2 topics; dogs or food. This morning with Kevin Williams it was food, it started off with baseball which lead to as American as apple pie. Which lead to, do you like apple pie?