If there's one thing about living in New Jersey, it's that we love our food.

We are fortunate to have many choices available to us when we're looking for a meal.

Maybe you're looking for a fancy Italian restaurant or a seafood place with fancy tablecloths where you can enjoy finer foods.  There are endless choices.

For others, there are pizzerias, bagel shops, and diners, for a quick stop.

We also have plenty of chain restaurants where we can grab a hot meal at a reasonable price and decent quality.

The Most Trusted and Least Trusted Restaurant Chains in NJ

The trade magazine, Chain Store Ageconducted a survey to determine the most trusted, and least trusted brands in America.

In the restaurant category, Pizza Hut edged out KFC and McDonald's for the title of most trusted restaurant.

A restaurant chain with a whopping 83 locations in New Jersey was ranked among the least trustworthy of all chain restaurants.

Two of the least-trusted restaurant chains were Panera Bread and Sonic Drive-in. 

How do you determine if a chain restaurant is trustworthy?

What Makes the Restaurants Trustworthy

According to the story, some of the things that were factored in determining the trustworthiness of a restaurant included:

  • Delivers on Promises
  • Consistent Performance
  • Listens to and Acts on Feedback

To be fair, of all the things factored into this survey, I was surprised that there was nothing about food quality, food handling, or even the cleanliness of the restaurants.

You can see the complete survey results by clicking here.

Source:  Chain Store Age

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