Garden State Parkway

Bon Jovi’s New Jersey Rest Stop Is Fantastic
The Jon Bon Jovi rest stop on the Garden State Parkway is way cooler than you may fact, it's cool enough that you should make it a point to fill up there. There is a Bon Jovi hologram and you can ask him questions! I know right?
I Just Had A Terrifying Moment No Parent Should Ever Experience On The Garden State Parkway, New Jersey
I can't thank God enough for the protection we were given in the very final seconds of what could have been the most tragic thing to ever happen in our family. I was driving home from the beach with by 16 year old daughter, Bella, in the passenger's seat. It was a wonderful family day of swimming that wore her out so she was sleeping peacefully as I drove home. What came next was the loudest bang we have ever heard and if you ask me, it was also the sound of angels putting themselves in front of my daughter and a giant hunk of flying metal.

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