They descend on us every summer from North Jersey, New York City, Pennsylvania or farther. They clog the Garden State Parkway, Route 35, Route 36 and Route 37.


Sure, they open their wallets and give the Jersey Shore towns with a much needed surge of cash every summer. Tell the truth, though: once it gets to mid-summer, aren't you counting down the days until Labor Day weekend and the Bennies go home?

Where Does the Term Benny Come From?

Why do we call Jersey Shore tourists Bennies in the first place?

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New Jersey 101.5 host Judi Franco outlines several theories, including that it could be an acronym for Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, and New York and those traveling on a train line down to the shore. Another theory is that it's short for "Benjamins," the nickname for hundred dollar bills, and references the influx of cash out-of-towners spend at the Jersey Shore.

Bennies Review New Jersey Beaches

When Bennies arrive on our shores, especially for the first time, they sometimes have a misconception of what the experience should be like.

Blame it on MTV's Jersey Shore or those The Sopranos episodes in Asbury and Sea Bright or listening to too much Bruce Springsteen, but Bennies certain ideas about Jersey beaches.

And when their romantic notions hit against the hard rock jetty of reality, they do what everybody does when annoyed: they vent their frustrations out into the internet.

We scoured Yelp reviews left by Bennies after a trip to the Jersey Shore and picked out the ones that left us scratching our heads.

Take a look at some of the weirdest and some of the best of the worst below.

Bennies Review New Jersey Beaches

Gallery Credit: Jackie Corley

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