⚫Roots are strong in New Jersey

⚫New Jersey memories

⚫Growing up in New Jersey

There is no other place like like New Jersey and there is no other state in the US like us in the Garden State.

It's exactly how we like it, we are bold, we are fun, we are smart, and we love New Jersey.

We are small, but we have so much to do in this little state. We have so much that's smooshed into this compact area and especially at the Jersey Shore. And, we have the best food.

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Let's not forget the unique attractions, and all the memories we make here and our families have made here over the years. There's always something for someone in New Jersey. Even if it's a little something, like the fries or the ice cream, or that town bar on the corner, that we all love.

The roots are strong in New Jersey.

7 signs that you have strong roots in New Jersey

#1 - You know your Garden State Parkway Exit by heart and your friends

#2 - You have a favorite Jersey Shore Town and it's probably not Atlantic City or AC as we call it in New Jersey.

#3 - You have a go-to diner, I know I do.

#4 - You've chosen a side, Is it Pork Roll or Taylor Ham?

#5 - You basically grew up in the mall.

#6 - You or someone you know has a scar from Action Park.

#7 - You're probably always looking out for the Jersey Devil.

Thanks to onlyinyourstate.com, for most of these.

I know when thing, I love living in New Jersey. We are proud of our schools, our sports teams, and our neighborhoods. I'm proud to be a New Jerseyan and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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