I think we can all agree that there are many careless drivers on the road today.  It can be as different as the person who weaves in and out of traffic on the parkway doing 90 MPH to someone who is distracted while looking for a parking spot at the mall and causes havoc for others.  Bottom line every time you drive somewhere YOU have to be careful to watch out for those who are not.

However that is not my topic today.  I’m not focusing on the driver behind the wheel but rather the pedestrian on their feet.  More than ever I find distracted walkers to be a major problem on streets and even highways.  They might be talking with friends or worse are those who are often on the phone and never bother to look when they cross the street.

Even in places where the road has designated areas for pedestrians to use they often don’t want to bother to walk the extra 20 yards or so and will cross anywhere.  As a driver you are focused on the crossing area and it would be easy not to see someone coming out between cars.  Oh and even in the designated crosswalk the pedestrian still has a responsibility to look before they cross.  I have seen many come out of nowhere and walk across the street without ever looking…often while on their phone.

In certain locations responsible drivers have a lot to deal with.  School zones, downtown areas, along the beach.  Plenty of people walking and at some point crossing the street.  THEY have an obligation to be just as careful as the person behind the wheel but often they are not.

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