By now you know the drill, if it doesn't sound real it probably isn't and no matter how many different ideas are drawn up to prevent robo-calls and scammers from trying to pry information from you are developed, these callers continue to find new ways to scare you into paying money you don't owe to them.

Neptune City Police Captain Mitchell received a scam call today and the person on the phone identified himself as Officer Ben Morrison badge # D1927 from the Social Security investigation service in Maryland.

The 'Officer' advised him that his social security number was compromised and asked Captain Mitchell to confirm the last four digits of his social security number.

He advised Captain Mitchell that the social security number was linked to several addresses in Texas and Mexico.

He went on to say that a warrant was issued by the United States Marshal Service for Money Laundering and Drug Trafficking.

The call continued for about 15 minutes until the person felt that he was not cooperating and finally hung up.

"These type of calls have become a way of life, no matter how many times you block it or hang up. The people making these calls become increasingly creative and manipulative over the years and always have a new way of trying to scam people," Neptune City Police said.

Here are some suggestions on how to field these calls if you do answer:

  • Hang up the phone and block the number.
  • No, federal, state or local law enforcement is going to call you and try to work out a deal over the phone.
  • They will likely show up unannounced at your door if they have a warrant.
  • If it's a social security or tax issue issue then advise them you will make an appointment to go to your local social security or tax office.
  • "DO NOT" give anyone that you do not know money, bank account or credit card information over the phone or online unless you know the person.

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