The holiday season tends to bring out the scam artists more than any other time of year. Don't fall victim to one making the rounds involving your Amazon account.

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Capitalizing on the growing popularity of Amazon and our propensity to shop its website for anything and everything is a new phone scam.

Phonies claiming to be Amazon customer service representatives are making calls with pre-recorded messages that reportedly inform you that there's recently been $800 in activity linked to your Amazon Prime account. If they manage to hook you, and you press '1', you get sent to another Amazon rep who tells you to visit a fake website that asks for your banking info, according to Detroit Free Press.

Stuart Miles

Now, although what I'm telling you about is a scam, it doesn't mean there aren't thieves and hackers out there waiting to pounce on your private security info. The best thing to do is keep an eye on your Amazon account frequently, especially if you're racking up charges this holiday season, and just simply phone Amazon yourself if you suspect something fraudulent.

Detroit Free Press warns that the sure sign of a scam, is when a robo call asks you to 'press 1' to be connected to a representative.

And, now that I've told you all that, I'm going now to change my Amazon password...again. Lol. Be safe out there!


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