And so we have another incident of violence and likely terrorism that has claimed innocent lives and leaves us again wondering about safety and security.

At least 22 people who went to an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England have died and another 59 were injured when a male suicide bomber detonated an improvised explosive device near the box office just as the concert ended.  Many of those killed and injured were young fans of the pop singer who had already left the stage and parents were left searching for their children during the overnight hours.

We of course have almost become immune to news of tragedy and often brush it off because incidents like this usually take place far away from our homes.  However a concert filled with young people as the venue for this type of attack has to put us on notice that there really are no public places in which we can truly feel safe.

Terrorists, fanatics, radicals, savages, whatever you want to call them do not think like you and me and nothing is off limits when it comes to who they kill and injure.  They don’t even value their own lives and expect to die during attacks and have been brainwashed to believe it will earn them eternal life.

For that reason there is no way to 100% guarantee safety and security, especially in large public places.  We often moan and groan about long lines getting into a venue like an arena or stadium but you can be sure safety measures will be ramped up even more after last night.

I also wonder what impact this will have on the concert business here in the United States because I’m sure some parents will keep their children away from live music events…at least for the short term.  Even adults are likely to shy away and who can blame them despite the fact we often just go on with our lives and refuse to give in to fear and terror.

We live in scary times and they are getting scarier.


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