Do you think there are three things you actually don't know about Jersey? Well, we have found some things we're pretty sure you don't know.;`

Did you know the following things about Jersey?

It is the largest of the Channel Islands.

It is the southernmost of the Channel Islands.

It is 10 miles wide from east to west.

What? Of course none of that is true about New Jersey. But all three are true for the place New Jersey is named after. The Channel Island of Jersey. I was amazed at how little I knew about the place we're named after.

As a matter of fact, I knew absolutely nothing about it at all. You can learn all you need to know about Jersey at This island has had quite a history, so read all about it, including the Carteret's and much more. We should at least know some things about the place our state got it's name from, right?


You can also learn how other states got their names at

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