Cupid is sharpening his arrow and punching in "Jersey Shore" on his GPS. Valentine's Day is near and the proposal floodgates are about to fly open.

There are a lot of questions you need to have worked out when you are about to pop the question. First, have you gotten the ring that your true love deserves? My friends at Earth Treasures Jewelers say it's one thing most guys pay attention to, so we put a big check in that box.

The next question What words are you going to use to express your true feelings? Experts at Mind Food say to keep it simple, keep it a surprise, and pick a good spot to do it at.

You're probably not going to hop a plane and head off to a destination proposal. If you are, here are the top 5 spots in the world for proposals according to Travel & Leisure...

#5 The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles

#4 Eiffel Tower, Paris

#3 Centennial Lakes Park, Minnesota

#2 Walt Disney Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida

#1 Disneyland, Paris, France

So that leads us to our list. We wanted to give you some great suggestions to choose from right here in Monmouth & Ocean Counties that would be just as romantic, just as meaningful, and just as amazing as those national and international spots.

Obviously, we couldn't possibly know what special places you have as a couple, but we think, since most people have great memories at these locations all around Monmouth & Ocean Counties, this list might inspire you as you get ready to pop the big question. (We'll warn you, they do tend to have an 'outside theme')

20 Great Monmouth & Ocean County Proposal Spots

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