Ok, folks let's talk "Jersey Food". What comes to mind when I ask what are "New Jersey's Most Unique Foods?" What automatically pops into your mind?


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This can be a tough question, depending on where in New Jersey you live because North Jersey has their favorites and South Jersey has their favorites...but let's try and list as many as we can when it comes to truly "Jersey" foods.


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This first on our list is obvious and many of you mentioned this when I asked. Pork Roll seems to be a truly "Jersey" food...although I know some of you prefer "Taylor Ham" whichever you call it, it goes great with fixings. Cindy replied "pork roll, egg, cheese, and ketchup on an everything bagel". Interesting because Megan wrote, "ever since moving out of NJ I can honestly say no one has ever heard of pork roll". Regardless this has to be up high on our list.

Next has to be a sweet treat that I feel is totally "Jersey" and that is Salt Water Taffy, which was invented here at the Jersey Shore in Atlantic City. If you travel and ask folks from outside Jersey they probably won't know what salt water taffy is... it's just a "Jersey" food.

When I mention this food, two things come to mind...New Jersey and Diners. Liz wrote to me when it comes to Jersey foods put this on the list "diner disco fries". Yup Jersey is home to the infamous "Disco Fries". It's the American version of the Canadian "Poutine". French Fries, Mozzarella, and Brown Gravy...Platform shoes, Saturday nights, and Disco Fries!

Our next "Jersey" food was suggested by Bob "the Ripper". What is a "Ripper"? well, it was created in North Jersey in Clifton at a place called Rutt's Hutt and basically a deep-fried hot dog that rips when boiled and is topped with Rutt's famous relish, it a "Jersey" thing...the infamous "Ripper".

When you travel do you ever hear someone say they want a Tomato Pie? Probably not, once again a "Jersey" thang! Folks in Jersey love a good old-fashioned Tomato Pie. Some say it's a pizza in reverse...thin crust, cheese, then tomato sauce/tomato on top. Whatever the case...delicious.


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