This store I shopped at so many times when my daughter was younger.

They always had so many different items of clothing, shoes, toys, and anything I needed with just a little bit of hunting throughout the store.

Abby, my daughter always loved going there when she was little. I remember they had little bow ties in the front cabinet at the check-out, we always bought one each time we went in.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

Pik-Pok was a second-hand store, where the clothing was always nice. Every time they'd get something new donated in they would wash it. I always heard the washing machine going when we were in there and I asked the owner, why? She told me every time someone drops something off, it's only right for us to wash it before we sell it. I thought, wow, that's great. I loved this place, especially for the little ones.

Being a single Mom it was the place I'd go for years. It was perfect. I could find things for cheap and that was pretty hip for my little one. There were prices on every piece of clothing that made shopping so simple. Everything in the store was separated by pants, sweatshirts, short sleeve shirts, and shorts. They had dresses, boots, and sneakers.

I'm hoping Pik-Pok only moved to a different location. Pik-Pok was on Rt. 9 in Bayville. I loved donating clothing and shoes there as Abby got older to basically say "thank you" for getting me through some tough years.

I noticed on Facebook, many listeners were asking where did it go?

What happened to Pik-Pok? One day it was open and the next cleaned out, does anyone know? I couldn't find any answers. I tried to call the number on the side of the building and it's been disconnected. Oh boy. I sure do hate when small businesses close, especially in my town. I was really, really hoping that they just moved.


We now know where they moved too...

1019 Rt. 70 in Manchester Township

Open: 11am - 5 pm daily

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