About last night.

The night started off with rain, and more rain, and even more rain.  Thankfully, no snow for the Jersey shore.

North Jersey, not so lucky, the snow fell fast and furious until they received the rain.

Once the wind kicked in, last night (or early, very early this morning) I was awake.  Of course, was a little curious as to what was coming our way.  We are over near Lavallette.  Never know what’s coming off the ocean.

Then my one daughter woke up.  So, now, I’m not getting back to sleep anytime soon.  Luckily, she wasn’t scared, it was more curiosity and hunger.

As we were downstairs, the winds started to pick up and the severe storms made their way to us.  That was unreal.  I was trying to look out the window with the voice in the back of my head saying, “shattered glass would really ruin your week.”  Probably wasn’t that smart to look.

How strong were the winds from the January 17th early morning storm in Ocean County, NJ?  Here were the five fastest speeds from the National Weather Service.

Seaside Heights saw 61 MPH Winds
Beach Haven clocked in at second with 59 MPH Winds
Mantoloking saw 57 MPH Winds
Tuckerton at 54 MPH
Trixies saw speeds at 51 MPH.

The next morning, my wife and I ran over to the bay to see how high the water was, and to our surprise, it was up but not by much.  We weren’t seeing any flooding, but we did capture an impressive rainbow.

If you’re playing along at home, the sun was at our backs, and we were facing the bay, and we were seeing a rainbow.

Kyle Anthony
Kyle Anthony

Yes, this one.  That means we were staring at the rain about to cross the bay and come right towards us.

Rain was heading in our direction.  Once we started seeing the showers on the other side of the bay, we ran back to the house.

We honestly thought that we dodged the flooding bullet until we started seeing tweets about the bay rising, way before high tide, and then it happened.

You can see major areas, including 35, seeing water pouring onto the streets.  Homes surrounded in minutes.  As I was traveling down 35, parts of the roadway were submerged and rising quickly.  I decided to turn down Ortley to snap a few photos and take a video.  I noticed that I had to continuously back up because the water was rising.   Before I knew it, the road I originally turned down was a small pond.  Luckily, a block north was clear and I could continue my drive.

The first time experiencing it like this was definitely one I will not forget.

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