If you grew up here, and have never left the station.

Then, there's a really good chance this is something you have yet to experience.

This has been one of the biggest topics over the last few weeks.

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It really has gone hand in hand with inflation.

Average Cost Of Gas Hits Breaks AAA Record Posted In 2000
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That topic, and yes, aside from inflation, one of the biggest topics over the last few weeks has been the outrageous gas prices but something monumental happened today.

I vaguely remember a time, when I grew up when full-service gas stations slowly turned into a hybrid.

This has been a huge, ongoing debate has been here in New Jersey.

So what could this be like for New Jersey residents?  One thing is for sure, it'll make things less confusing for people who have never driven in the garden state.

How many friends, or even family members, who are not from here, jump out of the car as soon as they pull up to the pump and are immediately greeted by a gas attendant shouting "get back in the car."

Aside from that, it would just be great to pull up and get your own gas at your own pace.

On a really busy day, especially a beautiful beach day, waiting could take forever.

Another benefit?  The gas prices could be cheaper.  Friday was a big day to showcase this.  Over 70 gas stations around the garden state demonstrated the cost if you were at a self-serve pump.   We miss these prices.

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America
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According to News12, "The gas stations are all part of the coalition Fuel Your Way NJ. They dropped the price of gas by 15 cents. The group says that New Jersey drivers could save as much as 10-25 cents per gallon if the state would allow a self-serve option."

I don't know about you, but anything for cheaper gas right now is more than welcome.

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