It’s great, really, Chinese food is the best for a quick go-to or a Friday night, let’s switch it up from the pizza, option.

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The one thing we can all agree on is how convenient it is.  I don’t think I’ve ordered Chinese and had to wait all that long, ever.

For me, location is everything because if it is within driving distance or even better, walking distance, then I’m in and will be a loyal customer for as long as the business is open.

When moving back to the area, my go-to pizza place, and Chinese restaurant.  Found them and life was good.


Then, unexpectedly, the Chinese restaurant that I usually go to seemed awfully dark, when I passed by on the way home from work.

Not one car sitting outside.

I thought, “ok, that’s odd” but it’s not uncommon for vacations to happen and the owners close down for a week.

Then, the next week, the same thing.

Little strange that we are going on two weeks without this establishment being open.

Then after week three, I figured, ok something is definitely up here.

Kyle Anthony, Townsquare Media
Kyle Anthony, Townsquare Media

The restaurant I’m talking about sits right there, just north of the entrance to Seaside Heights.  You cannot miss it with the big yellow awning.  The Golden Gate Express. Yes, that one, nestled between 7th and 8th Ave off 35 north.

I stopped by to see the note hanging on the door. This was unexpected.

“Due to an unexpected family emergency, the restaurant will be closed until further notice…”

Not knowing the details of their situation, is definitely, a sign that you do not want to see and our thoughts are with them.

Kyle Anthony, Townsquare Media
Kyle Anthony, Townsquare Media

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