How about those storms Wednesday?

New Jersey marked its midweek with the fifth confirmed tornado of the year in the state, this one in Springfield in Union County. But conditions will rapidly improve by Thursday night, clearing the way for a clear and wonderful weekend.

Daytime hours on Thursday promise mostly sunny skies, with high temperatures around the 90-degree mark. A slight chance for showers and thunderstorms develops by the afternoon and continues into the evening, with skies clearing later on and low temps in the upper 60s.

Then, there is not much to say about the foreseeable future: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all appear to be pretty perfect summer days, with what we like to call abundant sunshine, and highs in the mid-80s for each.

If you want to look ahead to Monday, it'll still be dry, and temperatures might even climb a little bit more.

Enjoy it!

Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow returns Friday, Aug. 9.

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