Ocean County Paranormal has been working with the Garden State Ghost Hunters for a few years now, doing a number of paranormal investigations a year. While "ghost hunting" can sound glamorous and the TV shows make it look really exciting, many times it can be a lot of sitting around and waiting. That being said, we've had our scary moments too. Here are the top 5 scariest moments of Ocean County Paranormal.

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    A ghostly voice responds

    A lot of the time, the evidence from a paranormal investigation comes after the fact. And most of those are just random whispers and words. This was just one of those situations, but more striking. We were investigating a 300 year old house in South Jersey. We were in the basement of the building when a "sensitive" team member got the feeling that a female entity was being held against her will. She tells the entity, "...and that we would get you out of this basement". Listen to the audio for yourself below, where you can hear a male sounding voice ominously respond, "no you won't"

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    A paranormal mist envelops the gallows

    Prisons are never happy places. The Garden State Ghost Hunters took an excursion to the historic Burlington County Prison in Mount Holly. The prison has a long history of violence (as you would expect at a prison). We even know that there were executions that took place on the grounds. While the original gallows are long gone, the museum has built a replica in the area where they believe that the original stood. In the before and after pictures below, which were taken right after one another, you can see a bright light and mist envelop the structure that wasn't visible in the previous shot. Both images were taken with exactly the same settings on the camera.

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    A phantom figure shows up on film

    Gettysburg, PA is known as one of the most haunted places in America. 150 years ago this year, there was bloodshed in the small farming community the likes of which had never before been experienced on American soil. The Garden State Ghost Hunters took a trip to a small farm house that had been commandeered by the Confederates during the battle as a field hospital. There was a lot that went on during this investigation, and we'll get to that in a bit, but in this shot, taken by a motion sensitive "scout camera", a ghostly figure appears in the frame that was not in the shot a mere 4 seconds later. The location is remote and there are no neighbors close by. Was a civil war soldier walking the path that he has strolled a century and a half ago?

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    A poltergeist crashes a camera

    This one was on an investigation of a private home in Ocean County. The family who owned the home had experienced the loss of three family members in the span of only a couple of weeks, all three had passed in the house. A camera on a tripod was set up in the bedroom where one of the family members died. While the GSGH team was down the hall in the living room, a loud crash is heard as the camera falls over, which understandably startles everyone. Upon listening back to the audio, you can hear a voice seem to explain the malfunction by saying, "it was the tripod". Listen below:

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    An invisible hand grabs a team member

    I put this one as #1 because it happened to me. This was on the same visit to Gettysburg as I mentioned in #3. After the investigation, the team was staying overnight at the house. To get a little more into the history of the home, the homeowners actually have extensive records of the soldiers who were brought there, the injuries that they had suffered, and even records of surgeries, amputations, and deaths. Well it turns out that I was sleeping in the room where these procedures took place. In the middle of the night, I felt a strong tugging on my elbow. I was startled awake as I pulled my arm away and yelled out. To this day I couldn't tell you for sure whether it was a power of suggestion dream or someone from the afterlife trying to take a limb. But I do know this much - we have been back to the house twice and I have stayed at local hotels both times.