The Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, New York is considered to be the most haunted hotel in all of New York...and that's sayin' something considering all the hauntings that are claimed by this state. The hotel's history is riddled with tragic accidents, suspicious fires, hangings, dead prostitutes, and even overnight stays by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Mrs. Roosevelt isn't necessarily scary, but she was interested in the paranormal and stayed in a room where a man reportedly hung himself.

The owners say that the hotel is crawling with spirits. Some ghosts have appeared to guests in their "full form," while others have just "poked" and "touched" the guests to get their attention. Visitors have reported cold spots on the porch and other areas of the house that could be signs of paranormal activity...or a bad insulation job if you're a non-believer. There have even been reports of hearing children's voices laughing and their footsteps running up and down the stairs. There's even been a ghost cat that has been seen roaming the grounds.

A&E's Ghost Hunters even did an episode on The Shanley Hotel where they claim that the hotel is so haunted that children are banned from staying overnight.

So, would you sign a waiver and stay overnight in the Shanley Hotel? It's only about two short hours west of the Capital Region so it might be the perfect Halloween weekend getaway.

For reservations, tours and a ton of cool pictures and information check out The Haunted Shanley Hotel.

The Haunted Shanley Hotel

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