There's something about the Jersey Shore that just makes me want to sit and read.

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My New Years resolution for 2022 actually, was to ready a book a month for the whole year.

I think I made it to March, I'm still working my way through that book!

When I was a kid though, going to the beach always meant getting a new book to read during the week while we were being beach bums.

The Weird NJ magazine was always one that caught my eye.

The covers were always very interesting looking, the stories and headlines grabbed my attention, and it was a cool way to learn about New Jersey lore.

Weird NJ is now making the leap from paper to screen as a new Weird NJ TV show is in the works!

New Jersey is no stranger to having film and production crews come from all over to create some pretty amazing entertainment.

What's the Weird NJ TV Series Going to Be About?

According to the show will be a scripted series in which a family is "forced by destiny to protect the Garden State from evil."

The new series will combine elements of horror with comedy, writer Kieran Valla and producer David Kaufmann describe it as:

“‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ meets ‘Stranger Things,’ but all set in Jersey.”

Weird NJ creators Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman began publishing Weird NJ in 1989, and it became a full fledged magazine in 1992.

I couldn't be more excited for this series to come out.

I'm a huge fan of all things horror and love when it gets mixed with comedy, especially now that I've finished most of American Horror Story, and of course Stranger Things.

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There is no release date yet provided by or deadline but I'm hoping we'll get one as we approach the weirdest season of all; Halloween.

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