It is mind blowing to think that there are a lot of people out there who hate salads...and vegetables in general.

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I, for one, am a huge salad fan.

They are light, there are so many different combinations of ingredients and salad dressings available and it is a guilt-free meal. (Well, usually...)

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you are on the choo choo salad train with me, you will be excited about the next Jersey Shore opening.

I've told you about the salad chain known as Sweetgreen before but here is a little refresher:

According to, this company is, "a healthy salad-and-bowl-based eatery," with locations in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and all across the country.

According to their website, Sweetgreen's mission is to, "build healthier communities by connecting people to real food," and according to"they have branded themselves the 'Starbucks of salads.'"

Google Maps
Google Maps

Plus, did you know select Sweetgreen locations actually have a drive-thru?

Impressive, I know.

Well according to, the biggest salad chain in the country finally opened their first restaurant in Monmouth County!

Sweetgreen opened up at 575 Broad Street in Shrewsbury TODAY, August 2nd.

"Sweetgreen is working to expand its New Jersey footprint, including its presence in suburban areas like Shrewsbury," the company said in a statement according to "Given its growing culinary scene, and the opportunity to serve residents who are looking for more healthy options, Shrewsbury felt like a natural next location for Sweetgreen in New Jersey."

There is indoor dining and a seasonal patio if you prefer to chow down on your greens while outside in the sun.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This will not be the last you hear of Sweetgreen. They plan to open 35 additional restaurants across the country in 2022 alone.

I think I am going to try the Peach + Goat Cheese salad first and then the Summer Teriyaki Bowl.

Unless, you have a different suggestion?

If you do, email me at

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