If you are looking for a beautiful town during the holiday season, one publication thinks New Jersey is home to one of the best.

According to U.S News & World Report Travel as reported at msn.com, one of the prettiest winter towns in the whole country is just a couple of hours down the Parkway, in the historic town of Cape May.

I love Cape May, just as many of us do, and Cape May always does well in these national reports. But it  does beg the question...do we have to go to Cape May to find a pretty winter town in the Garden State?

The answer is of course not. There are plenty of gorgeous towns beautifully decorated for the holidays this time of year right a t the Jersey Shore, so let's talk about those towns

. As a matter of fact, let's find out what you think is the most beautiful winter town right here in Monmouth & Ocean Counties. It's time for another Jersey Shore poll. So, what do you think?

Which Jersey Shore town is the most beautiful winter town. We only listed a few that were mentioned to us, so if you don't see your favorite, please enter it!

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